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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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that place -- we tarried all night and
found very indifferent entertainment.


Having procured Waggons we left Albany

about 8 A.M. and went to Schenectady were
we arrived about 11 -- Schenectady lays about
l6 ½ miles N.W. from Albany, is a pretty well
built handsome inland Town, a place of con-
siderable Trade, being the carrying place between
the Mohawk and Hudson's Rivers -- here, as at
Albany, the language is Low Dutch. – The Land
between Albany and Schenectady is Sandy & poor,
Timbered chiefly with Pine.- At Schenectady
we found prepared for us Eight Boats or Batteaux,
Six for the Baggage and Stores, that would carry about
a Ton and a half each, and two larger with
Awnings for the passengers: We embarked in our
Boat about 4 P.M. and proceeded seven miles up the Mo-
hawk River to Mabee’s, where we lodged.


We proceeded up the River 15 miles & encamp’d
near the remains of old Fort Hunter

; two or three
miles below which we passed by the place formerly
the residence of Sir William Johnson – We found
the stream this day very rapid – the Land
on the Banks of the River between this & Schenectady
being very beautiful and fertile – the high Land at a
distance appearing more rough and uncultivated.


Embark’d about sunrise, with a fair Wind,
and having most of the way a gentle current,