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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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very beautiful, and has the appearance of great
fertility -­ the inhabitants chiefly the descendants
of Germans by whom the high Dutch Language is
mostly spoken.


In our progress this day we found the Country
but thinly inhabited, but we were informed the
number of settlers were rapidly increasing
principally by immigration from New England
and there is every reason to believe that in a few
years it will become well cultivated and plentiful
-- in the evening we stopt at Fort Schuyler

24 miles from Fort Herkimar.


After breakfast several of us went 4 miles
up the River on foot to Whites Town

, the residence
of Arthur Breese, to whom I had letters -- it
is quite a new settlement but has the appear-
ance of becoming a place of note, being
situated in a fast improving Country, and
has already in it large Stores, and the finest
Pot Ash works that we have yet seen -- at 4
P.M. stopt at Baron Steuben's Landing on the
North side of the River, from which to his House
we were inform'd the distance was 7 miles
and 9 to Fort Stanwix.- At 7 in the evening
arrived at the Carrying Place at Fort Stanwix.


The situation of Fort Stanwix

, (although upon
a 1evel plain, almost surrounded by low Marshey