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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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must forbear, or else the past uneasiness will return,
which Grace has conquered by her attractive charms,
when solitary saying, I hope my precious friend hath not
forgot me.

When I came hither, a little money was acceptable
from such who were disposed to watch my necessity, so
far distant as New York. Please to present my love and
thanks to J. E. for his care in supplying my present ne-
cessity; tell him I had not quite an half dollar, and I
hope this will be returned when he is on an errand of love
for my Master Jesus. I have been much tried with J. T.
this evening. He told me scornfully, I might do to in-
struct the Indians, or Blacks; but said, As for white
people, they have good preachers, and enough of preach-
ing from them. My answer was, I had rather teach the
Indians and Africans, than white people: for their souls
were more precious to me, having suffered much for them.
He then told me thus, You are on the Pinnacle, and as for
your talents they are very small, though you think much
of yourself. Why he spoke after this manner was, be-
cause I faithfully let him know, he was but half a Chris-
tian, although he had been a Methodist almost twenty
years. I made him no further answer, but went to my
trunk, and prepared for leaving them to-morrow, while he
continued talking all the time, which I suppose was to
provoke me; and then he finished the day, with family
prayer. I thought his place was, to lay his had on his
mouth, not daring to utter words before God, whom I am
certain will repove him for this conduct; but I pray the
Long suffering Father, not to lay this sin to his charge, for
the sake of Him, who became a Sin Offering in our stead,
that the folly of man might be passed over. I am bound
under new obligations to the Lord, to serve Him with my
reaming strength, while a probationer in time; for His
Delivering Goodness, and Mercy, that is magnified in my
preservation thus far: knowing that by my own ability,
it was not possible to pass through such complicated ex-
ercises as have fallen to my lot, during this year, which