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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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by promise to reward his faith, and crown his hope; his
children were inheriting it, from generation to generation, until
they were driven out of it, for the lack of wisdom, and
rebellion. O my soul! praise God for the Gift of Faith,
and obedience to live in His Fear, so shalt thou possess
the Land of Light, Life, and Peace, which Abraham's obe-
dience entitled him to forever, which was typified by the
outward Canaan, that his seed did inherit, by the special
Promise of Jehovah, who conversed with him from Hea-
ven. I am surrounded with angelic spirits, who seem to
encourage me to be faithful a little longer, then Abraham
the father of the faithful, will see one, who went out at the
Command of God, not knowing whither she went, but as
the Spirit directed her feet in righteousness, to seek the
lost sheep of the house of Israel.

[New York, 31st 8th
mo. 1805.