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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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ter’s affection from me, because in sickness she forsook
me not: but performed a mother’s part to me, a stranger
in a strange land, when many passed by, and noticed not
the sorrows that came on me, to qualify me to seek the
salvation of mankind in general.

Albany, New York State, 26th 8th mo. 1805.


LAST evening I returned from my visit to the Indians
of Oneida, South Settlement, Stockbridge, and Brother-
, and I was presented with two letters from thee,
whom I am united to by the strongest ties of Christian
friendship, that will no doubt end in the full felicity of
our spirits, when they enter into the City of our God.
Here our joys are mixed with pain; our love with anxious
desire, that causes bitterness of spirit, through a separa-
tion: but in Heaven, one Object will attract our notice,
even the Spiritual Bridegroom, who is now the Head of
the Invisible Church, as well as the Visible One, which
we are members of. Since we were parted, many have
been the baptisms my soul hath endured for the children
of men, while I have travelled five hundred miles, and
have had above thirty appointments, which were held in
the Court-house, Steeple-houses, School-rooms, Barns,
Fields, or Woods; yet there has been sufficient time for
me to think of my precious A. E. although I assure thee, I
watch with a godly jealousy over my natural affections,
lest I give to thee, or any other sincere acquaintance,
more than is due to mutable creatures. Thou must ac-
knowledge God, the Father of us each, is entitled to our
ardency of soul, and continual thoughts; and I believe, as
we are more weaned from terrestrial objects (in whom we
should place no confidence) we shall have our minds sub-
jected, and lay passively in His Hand, doing His Will, and
suffering patiently for His sake, while employing the
whole of our time, which I imagine though dost call One
business. If I were to indulge myself in expression at
this time, I should use strong tender words to thee: but I