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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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Three of my own sex gave me fifteen dollars, and I
set off for Utica, ninety-six miles, which was a long ride
for the first day. After I had gone into the Inn, a poor
woman and three children, came to ask a drink of water.
They told her to go the bar for it, but she returned back,
saying, No one is there. My Merciful Jesus bid me
rise and carry this woman a glass of water, which I did
immediately: and while I stood by her, a solemn awe
clothed my mind, which when I sat down, affected my
heart so much, that it seemed like a dagger run into me.
I enquired of my Master Jesus what ailed her, and He
replied, that She has no money, and thou must go and
see in the yard for her. I went directly, and saw her
wringing her hands in the yard, crying out, Whatever
shall I do? whatever shall I do?What is the matter
with thee? said I, to which she answered, I am here a
stranger, and know not any person, and I have not one