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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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the annuals of Eternity will shew forth, when my day’s
work is finished to the Glory of King Jesus, my Everlast-
ing Spouse, whom I adore in the temple of my soul. I
would rehearse to thee, many of the blessings of my life,
since our separation; but hope thou wilt be spared, to read
the dealings of my God in my journal; which I have re-
corded to honour Him forever: as, He by His Spirit di-
rected thereunto, when on the brink of the grave, raised
up for the Special Purpose of shewing forth His Love,
Mercy, Power, and Goodness, to the children of men.

With much affection I conclude, and remain thy sin-
cere sister in the Lord Jesus Christ. DOROTHY RIPLEY. 29th 8th mo. 1805, on board of Sloop
William, to New York.

I have been two nights in this sloop, which Captain
L. Hackstaff
commands. We have three passengers be-
sides myself, and one is a complete Deist. Openly he
said, I have been a Methodist, Presbyterian, Univer-
salist, and now am a Deist. I told him I believed he
would make another change before he died yet: What
is that? he cried, A Christian, my answer was; for I
had felt uncommonly distressed about him, before he so
daringly said he was thus changeable; and I have a hope
that satan will be disappointed of this bold servant of his
whom he employs to lay waste the Religion of the Re-
deemer of the World. I shall say right, if add, I never
saw one so profane before, yet have faith in Jesus Christ
to believe for him, knowing all things are possible to him
that believeth; and it may be, that the Lord will deliver
his soul out of the gin, which he blindly has been insnar-
ed with; being in gross darkness, and under the power
of temptation. It is probable that we shall get into New
in a few hours, and then his language will not cause
my soul to be exceeding sorrowful! no; I shall be with
some of the righteous, where we shall recount the Lord's
tender Mercies since our separation. How dismal is my
situation, when I am but one day with the ungodly!