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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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against me: and I believe I may call this my sister: for
I think it is in the scriptures, that strangers shall be our
sisters, and I feel united to her. Much more was said
by this man and woman, which proved our gathering to-
gather was of the Lord, and we at last parted as children
of one Heavenly Father, who made us to love one another.

[25th 8th mo. 1805, Albany.]

Yesterday I had a long tiresome ride, which wearied
me exceedingly, and caused my spirits to feel great de-
pression, so that I knew not how to endure under the
pressure of morality, having felt great darkness covered
the minds of the people, as I passed along the road, from
village to village, in the stage!

As I had but three shillings left, I thought I would go
and ask J. Taylor to give me lodgings: and he calmly re-
plied, I feel free, tell your wants to my wife and daugh-
ters: for it is my desire they should be kind to you. I
thought this a particular mark of the Love of God to me,
whom I have unbounded favours from. I suppose if my
money had not been spent, it would have been my inclina-
tion to abide at an Inn.

When I sat down, two letters were given me from
my precious friend Abigail Eames, in New York, wherein
was testified great love and sympathy to a little one, and
a fresh supply of money from her and J—— E———, who
had sent me a letter from N. Y. requesting me to call
upon an acquaintance of his in Albany for the sum of six
dollars, fearing my necessity would be great among the
Natives; but I could not feel free to take it of another in
his name, lest a bad use should be made of it: so he gave
it to a dear friend here, to hand me on my return, which
I am unfeignedly thankful for, unto my God, He being the
moving cause of this benevolence, and all other mercies
that I am blessed with.

I could not sleep last night, for the Love of God to
me in those fresh instances of His care, in continuing me
the favour of my old friends, whom I esteem far above
rubies or fine gold. Abigail Eames is entitled to a daugh-