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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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ready to give to the necessitous than receive from such
who offer it.

A kind Quaker, who heard me in Augusta, gave me
one dollar, which is the second I have received during five
weeks, and I have relieved three or four with it. This
friend attended a meeting before, and spoke admirably,
from the Dry bones in Ezekiel, which after he had done,
I arose and sanctioned it, as life and power were in the
testimony. When I sat down, he got up, and told that
people, his concern of this day had impressed his mind
twenty years, which he had believed it his duty to come
and pay them a visit: but the way never opened until that
time, which had relieved his spirit much. he again sat
down, and I resumed my place, feeling great love and
faith, with an ardent solicitude to benefit all present:
which stirred up the Gift of my aged brother, whom the
Lord sent after me to help in His vineyard: therefore,
our meeting continued long, and the people were favoured
to hear the sound of his voice the third time, which quick-
ened the fire of Celestial Love in my heart, so that I was
induced to supplicate the Throne of Mercy for preserva-
tion, and an increase of faith and love for each, when he
had closed his message, and then endeavoured to conclude
the meeting: but, a Methodist preacher requested I would
permit him to say something to the people, which I was
free to do, and he with tears told all present, to Trea-
sure up what they had heard; for Jesus Christ male and
female were one. When you go home, don’t you say as I
said last week, It is only a woman. My brethren and
sisters, I went to hear this woman in a barn, and the Word
reached me powerfully, and followed me home, and has
brought me miles to-day, to testify this among you; for
before this, I did not think a woman ought to preach: but
now I am convinced God has sent her to preach Jesus
Christ’s Gospel. This person sat down, and an Indian
sister rose immediately, and testified thus, If I was to
hold my tongue, and not tell that it is thirty-three years
since I became a Christian, those beams would speak