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Beyond Penn's Treaty

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Samuel Kirkland took me to have my appointment
fulfilled, which he engaged me to perform agreeable to the
request of Skanando, the old Chief, king of the Oneida nation
: but when I got there, the Presbyterian minis-
ter came, who said She had better teach them to knit
and sew, as preach to them, enquiring What apology
he should make to them for my preaching, as they did not
teach the Indians, that women had any right to preach?
I told him candidly, to Save himself trouble; for no
one had any business to interfere respecting this, since I
was accountable to no one but God, who had brought me
hither, neither was any answerable for what I did. I
was sitting in silence a little, with a large collection of
Indians, when this missionary walked in with a pompous
air into the pulpit, unlike a humble preacher of the
Righteousness of our Meek and Lowly Jesus: however, I
thought it best to set him an example of love, so permitted
him to partake of the opportunity, which had been merci-
fully prepared for me, by the Providential Mercy of God.
Woman why weepest though? whom seekest thou? was
my text, therefore I confined myself to my Indian sisters;
and told the men, as there were two preachers there, I
left them to the instruction of those missionaries; testi-
fying boldly, That if the disciplines had watched with the
same assiduousness, as Mary did at the Sepulchre, they
would have had the joyful tidings to preach, “That Jesus
Christ the Lord was Risen from the Dead;” this chagrined
the missionaries so much, who oppossed me among the
Indians, that I believe the next woman whom the Lord
sendeth, he will not dare to insult: for the Indian women
resented it with great indignation, having proved me their
sympathizing sister, who felt for their bodies and souls, and
desired no reward, further than their present peace.

Samuel Kirkland, their stationed minister and father,
who had been with them forty years, acted as a kind bro-
ther to me, interpreting for me, as the Lord my God gave
ability to us each. Although satan was seeking an occa-
sion to sow tares, or make discord among us, I trust He