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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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upon as father, because he was willing to live and die with

Sister, We will also inform you, that since our father,
Mr. Sergeant’s father died, he began to manifest a com-
passionate feeling towards our dismal situation; he in the
first place began to teach us to read and write, this he did
several years; after this he then began to deliver the word
of the Good Spirit, and his labours have been blessed, by
which means we who are commonly called by the white
people Squaws, are enquiring the way to Zion.

Sister, While we were sitting by the side of our fire-
place here, we saw you coming, and when you opened
your mouth we believed you was sent by the Great and
Good Spirit to visit us (poor natives of this Island.) We
feel thankful to Him that He has put such a love in your
heart, that you was willing to undertake such a long and
tedious journey on the purpose to deliver His message to us.
We thank the Great Good Spirit that He has protected
you on the way, that you arrived here safely.

Sister, In behalf of the rest of our woman, we now
heartily thank you for your kindness and for the pains you
have taken to visit us.

We hope by the help of the Great Good Spirit, we shall
ever remember you, and the good words which you deli-
vered to us. Although we do not expect ever to see you
again, yet we believe that the Lord Jesus is able to help
us that we may hold out unto the end, that we may see you
among His Sheep on His Right, where we shall never be
parted again.

May the Good Spirit protect you on your way, that
you may have pleasant journey unto the end, farewell.

Lydia Suhquauwkhuh, or Hendrick.
Catharine Quauquwchon.
Eliz. Maukhtoaquauwusquch, or Jersey.
Catharine Quinney.
Eve Knohtcaunmeu. In behalf of the rest. New Stockbridge. 19th August, 1805.
In the State of New York.