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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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Judge, that he will see those stand with him there, although
he thinks they are not of the same species with us. God
grant that none of them may rise up to condemn him in
the awful day of Judgment, when all shall receive ac-
cording to the mercy they manifest in this world.

[4th 8th
mo. 1805
, Vernon, Oneida County, New York State.]

As I continued in this part, I went among the Pagans
again, and sat in silence with them sometime at the pale
where I held the last meeting. All the week I had tra-
vailled in my spirit for Blacksmith, the Chief, who was
nigh an hundred years old, and in a state of gross dark-
ness, which has bowed down my mind in awful silence
before God, during the last night, that I might be a Sa-
vour of life unto him, and a sweet smelling Savour to the
Lord my God, who has crowned my life with His Loving
Kindness, and Rich Mercy, from the consequence of being
offered unto Him before I was born, by a man of faith, to
succeed him in his Gospel Labour; for, before he expired,
he cried out, When you are doing well, if it be possible,
I will look down from Heaven, and smile on you, which
has come into my mind at this present moment, expecting
this little service of mine will give additional pleasure to
him, from whose loins I proceeded, to glorify his God
and mine, in the regions of blessedness, when time is swal-
lowed up in Eternity.

The Old Chief received me with cordiality; but my
Interpreter was gone a long journey, and I had to apply
to the Spirit to make them understand, as He did by the
same Spirit in the day of Pentecost, when they all had the
revelation of Jesus Christ made manifest in their hearts
through the outpouring of the Spirit, while they were as-
sembled together. As I was praying, my desire was
very great for the Salvation of their precious souls; and I
saw the heart of Blacksmith exceeding hard and dark,
like a beast’s heart, such as King Nebuchadnezzar’s when
in his state of degradation in the field grazing: but con-
tinuing in supplication with great ardency of sprite, the
Lord shewed me, through His Revealing Power, that He