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Beyond Penn's Treaty

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taking advantage over them by selling rum to them, but
it is so trifling, that it is not regarded by the wicked pro-
fessors of Christianity. One poor Indian came into one of
those professing Christian’s house, with a brass candlestick,
that was worth four shillings sterling, and begged two shil-
ling loaves of bread for it, but the inhuman woman only
gave him one loaf, which I was ashamed at, and am sorry
that she is the mother of children; knowing this is not
the way to secure bread here for them, neither lay up
riches in Eternity, which will not wax old. I was invit-
ed to stay there, and was told by this person, that the
man where I stayed was a deist: but I answered, He
acts like a Christian to me, being merciful. What a
strange view must the Indians have of the Christian reli-
gion; no wonder they do refuse to practise it, and dare
not place confidence in the fruitless professors: for it
must be acknowledged, that they have made many of the
Indians two fold more the children of the devil, by bring-
ing strong drink unto them, and setting an example of
wickedness before their eyes, which a Holy God will
punish them severely for, as they were taught to believe
Jesus Christ has Died to take away sin: and can avail
themselves with the privilege of reading the inspired writ-
ings of Moses and the Prophets, and the Miracles of our
Lord and Saviour, who crowned His life with Mercy, Love,
and Righteousness, and His followers must obey Him if
they worship His Sceptre of holiness, that rules in the
heart of every believer who submits to the Government
of King Immanuel, the Prince of Peace.

I was not sorry that Judge Dean gave me a refusal:
for as soon as I saw him, it passed through my mind, that
he was not a suitable person to administer spiritual com-
fort; he might do to make treaties, and receive of their
lands a reward, if they were disposed to trust him so far.
Our riding eighteen miles, will not lose its reward of the
Lord my God, who has heard the sentiments of this wise
man, respecting his poor Indian brethren: and I have no
doubt, when all Nations are at the Bar of the Eternal