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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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New York

27th of the month friends met agreeable to adjournment

The committee on the conern, relative to the Indian Natives,
produced a report in writing, it obtain'd the deliberate attention of the
Meeting, and is satisfactory, - by this report it appears, that the prospect
of friends being useful to those people, is encourageing, as by the informa
-tion of two friends of the committee, that have made a visit to several
of the tribes, since last year, they appear, progressing in the knowledge
of agriculture, and a disposition ot civilisation; the committees conti
-nued attention to the subject, is requested, and they encouraged to
step forward, in a way, that may appear most likely to answer the
views of this Meeting, in promoting the welfare of that people

In the attention given to this concern, the meeting was led to
consider, that in friends endeavouring to be useful to them, some necessa-
ry expenses are attendant; and a prospect was open'd and united with
of recommending to the Quarterly Meetings, the opening subscriptions to
raise a fund for the promotion of so desireable a purpose, and it is
requested, that the Money raised by voluntary contributions, in the
Quarters, be by them placed in the hands of the Treasurer to the Com-
-mittee, and the amount reported next year