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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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who for sometime resided with the Indians there, with
aview of extending their services farther westward -
As those Indians are now left by Friends, who have
at a considerable expence helped them with Farming
Utensils, and assissted them in erecting Mills and
other improvements, their labour may in some degree
be lost, unless attended by friends of this Yearly Meet.g
and as those Tribes are much more convenient to us,
the Committee are desirous they may claim the
sympathy & attention to friends - all which is
submitted -

signed by direction & on behalf
of the Committee Saml Bowne

5 mo 26-1800

In attending to the preceding report,
the Meeting was led to the expression of arenew'd
feeling towards that injured People, and asatisfaction
with the attention & proceedings of the Committee -
and they are encouraged to continue their care and
solicitude for the promotion of the religious & temporal
good of that part of the human Race, agreeably to the
concern of this Meeting as expressed in a Minute on the Subject in 1798.