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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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New York

The attention of the Meeting was turned towards
the situation and circumstances of the Indians in the Western
parts of the States and aconcern took place for the promotion
of their Welfare and the Subject spreading with weight much
sympathy was felt with them in their Scatter’d & remote
situation and under a deliberate view thereof there appeared
apropiety and hope of usefulness in placeing the Subject under
the consideration and care of the Meeting for Sufferings who
on examination into their circumstances are authorised to
afford them such assistance as may appear necessary to said
Meeting and the following Friends are appointed to set
with the Meeting for Sufferings in the consideration thereof
viz Peter Lossing

John Cornell Benjamin Haviland Charles
John Caste Thomas Eddy Isaac Legges Joseph Talket William
& attentive Dan Titus Joseph Griffin Willis Seaman Henry Hull
Abraham Underhill & Rich. Lawrence & John Ferris

Adjourned to the 9th hour on 2d day Morng