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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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some pecuniary assistance, mostly to procure Bread Corn;
that divers of the Indians appear to be religious sober minded
persons, and very sensible of the perniceous effects of storng
drink, and concern'd for their People on that acccount-
yet others still gave way to that weakness - That they
found several young Men from Pensylvania

of our Society residing amongst them, from their own concern
and under the direction of a Committee, of the Yearly
Meeting of Philadelphia, for the instruction and Improve
-ment of the Indians; who informed them, that altho they
met with many discouragements, yet on the whole there is
an improvement amongst them, that the Indians form a
desire that their Children, may have some School learning,
have several Schools amonst them, one of which is taught
by one of the forementioned Friends; the other by their own
People; several of the Tribes, express'd the satisfaction they
had in the visit paid them by our Friends in 1795, signify-
-ing that it had been useful to them, which appear'd to have
been the case - The Indians viewed the visit kindly,
express'd their gratitude for this further attention of care
and regard for them - That tho the visit was attended
with some fateague yet they had a good degree of satisfac-
-tion therein -

Sign'd by direction, and on behalf of the Comittee
John Barron

The care and attention manifsted by the Committee, to those
people is satisfactory to the Meeting; and the comfortable quit