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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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New York

The Committee continued on this Meetings concern relative
to the Indian Natives in the western parts of this state, make
the following report in writing viz -

New York

The Committee appointed by the Yearly Meeting on
its concern Relative to Indian affairs, report that they have
so far paid attention thereto that a visit hath been paid by
some of their number, to the Indians of Brothertown

, Stock-
, Oneida, and part of the Tuscorora Tribes, by whose
report it appears, that several of these tribes have of latter time
not only appear'd convinced of the necessity of their becoming
more acquainted with habits of civilizasion, but have given
some proofs of industry, and attention to agricultural pur-
suits, which gave encouragement to hope that by a perse-
virance therein, they may be enabled to acquire a more
certain, and comfortable livelihood, tho at present they are
mostly poor, and in streighned circumstances; and particular
-lysed, while the Committee were there, by reason on an unfavour
-able season, the last summer, and a very trying long Winter
which induced them to afford some of the most necessitous