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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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that attends the present consideration, together with a free com
munication of concurring sentiments pointing thereto leads to the
prosperity of an appointment, to continue a care to the subject.
and in encourageing them to step forward therein, in the way
that may appear most likely to contribute to the well doing of
the Indians, and answer the present views of this Meeting, particu
-larly, in endeavouring to turn their attention to agricultural Im
-provements, and a state of Civilization, and should a suitable
Friend or two, from a concern to be useful to those People, be dis-
posed to step forward in residing among them for a time, in order
to effect those desireable purposes, that the Committee encourage
and make way therefor - And as occasion will probably require
some pecuniary aid, for their and other purposes, the Committee
with the advice and approbation of our Meeting for Sufferings
are authoritative to call on their Meetings Treasurer to answer such
demands, and to the service the following Friends are apointed
Viz John Barron

, Samuel Learing, Charles Frost, Gideon Seaman,
Samuel Bowne, John Murray, Thomas R Robinson, Peter
, Trip Mosher, James Mott, Fiddeman Hull, John
, Robert Bowne, and Oliver Hull -

Adjourn'd to the third Hour tomorrow afternoon