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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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$196 68/100 place in the hands of the members of the
committee west of the mountains and the principal
of the donation from our brethren in Great

Balto 10 mo 16 1812
Signed on behalf of the committee
P.E Thomas Clerk

The Treasurer was directed to refund John Ellicott

the expence incured by him in conveying Captain
and his family from Baltimore to Washington
Then adjourned

At a Meeting of the Committee on Indian concerns
10 mo 12 1813

present 18 members. George Ellicott

, Wm
, Edward Stabler, Andrew Ellicott James
& Philip E Thomas were appointed to
preparea report to the Yearly Meeting who
produced the following

To the Yearly Meeting now siting
The Committee on Indian concerns report that since
the last yearly meeting no way has opened to renew our
efforts to carry into effect the concern of Friends, relative to
the Indian natives, we have however received information
from the Indian agent at Piqua

, that the Indians at Wau
who have been heretofore under our care had
returned to their Villages, and had raised a good crop of
corn from which they had sold about 3000 Bushels and that
they have a prospect of a large crop the present season