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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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who reside in this country unless they alter their
present mode of living must in a few years
from the scarcity of game be reduced to a State
of extream want and distress and in order to awaken
the minds of these people to a reflection on this
subject and open before them the desire friends had
to afford them some assistance they had an oppor-
tunity with some of the Chiefs & hunters of the
Wyandot Nations

on the great Miami & of the
Delawares at Sandusky and addressed them in a
short Speech of which the following is an extract

Being wise you can think what is to
come, your land your hunting ground is geting
small, how will you your young men your wives &
children live when the Game is chased away off the
lands lately given up to the white people, where
many of you now hunt

The sons of Peace the Quakers have
taken your brothers who live near the great Lakes to the
N. E. by the hand they are showing them how to live
on little Land, to raise corn enough for them to eat all
the year to make mills to grind their corn, to build
houses and make clothes to keep them warm when the
weather is could, to teach their children to read and write,