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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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frequent visits, and advise and instruct them where
it might appear necessary. He was also authorized to
furnish what for the purpose of sowing to such of
them as he might find disposed to cultivate it, and
upon the whole there was a good prospect of
their making considerable advances in the arts
of civil life, since this account however the committee
have been informed, that owing to the exasperated state
of the public mind against the Indians throughout that
country, these towns have been destroyed and the Indians
compelled to seek refuge under the government of Ohio

the committee have likewise received information
that the establishment which they heretofore occupied
on the Wabash called Dennis' Station, has also
been destroyed, and their Houses burnt down; as
at this place considerable progress had been made
by the Indians in Building and cultivation and as
many of them had discovrd a disposition for
civilization this event is much regreted

Situated as the committee now find the
Indians generally Driven from their habitations
and their Country desolate, they are not of opinion
that in the present state of the public mind, their
labours can be of much avail, but the committee
are willing to hope that by continuing patiently
under the concern, the time may return, when they will
be able to renew their efforts and perhaps more efficiently
than heretofore

We have examined the Treasurer acct. and
find a balance in his Hands of $ 1972 53/100 exclusive of