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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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At a yearly Meeting held in Baltimore
for the Western Shore of Maryland and the
adjacent parts of Pennsylvania & Virginia by
adjournments from the to the of the 10 Mo 1795

A weighty concern being opened in this
Meeting respecting the difficulties and distress to which
the Indian Natives of this land are subject—it obtained the
serious attention of Friends, and many observations ware made
on the kindness of their ancestors to ours in the early
settlement of this Country—exciting to a deep consideration
and enquiry whether, under the influence of that exalted
benevolence and good will to men which our holy Prof-
ession requires; any thing, remained for us as a Society
to do, to promote their Welfare, Religious Instruction,
Knowledge of Agriculture and useful Mechanic Arts,
a solemnity and uniting Calm prevailing over the Meeting
the further consideration of it is refered till tomorrow.

The Subject of the distressed Indian natives being
again revived, the sentiments of many Brethren expressed,
and a prevailing Sympathy felt, it appears to be the
united sense of this Meeting that it be recommended to
our quarterly and Monthly Meetings to take this
concern into serious consideration and open subscriptions
among our Members for their relief. The encouragement
of School Education Husbandry and the Mechanic