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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Indians at that place have abandoned their settlement
and been removed for safety amongst the white people
as it was believed their lives would be endangered by
remaining at their village

The committee may further inform that they
received a visit during the past apring from Quaita
waippay (Captain Lewis

) a principal chief of the Mingo
, a village in the negihbourhood of Waupaukanetta;
Captain Lewis' visit was for the purpose of obtaining
some assistance for his Village and as we had received
satisfactory information of the Industry and sober
habits of these Indians, it was concluded to furnish
them some aid, and accordingly an order was given
upon a member of our committee who resides
not very distant from his Village for a few articles
of Husbandry which have been prepared & at his request
placed subject to his order in Dayton, but the whole
of the people of his Town having been also removed
for protection, amongst the white Inhabitants, the
Tools have not been taken possession of by him

From information received from those of our
committee who were appointed for the purpose of
aiding the Indians residing on the waters of the
Muskinghum river it appears that they had made
them a visit much to their satisfaction, having
found the Indians industriously engaged in clearing their
lands for the purpose of planting & sowing, but the
villages being remote from the residence of these friends
rendered it inconvenient to them personally to yield the
necessary care, they therefore engaged a suitable person
in the neighbourhood of the Villages to make the in