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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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a sketch of such facts and occurences as they
might judge proper for communication- we do
not mean any copies of minutes nor the least allusion
to any expenditure of money sent from England

merely a brief narrative of such affairs & proceedings
as would enable friends in England to understand the
arduous service Friends on this continent are engaged
in, and in some measure to form correct ideas of
the disposition, habits and general circumstance of that

we are thy loving friend
Jon Evans
Philip E. Thomas
Thomas Wistar

which being considered, the following communication
was directed to be forwarded to Friends in Phila.

The Yearly Meeting of Friends in Maryland

having been brought under an exercise on acct. of
the neglected situation of the Indian Natives of this
continent appointed a committee in the Year 1795
to open a communication with some of the tribes
bordering on the Western frontier of the United
States, and furnish such relief and assistance
to them as they might be enabled to render

The committee proceeded to give considerable
attention to the subject of their appointment but altho'
partial assistance, in tools and implements of husbandry
was from time to time, furnished to several Indian villages
yet no permanent settlement was attempted amongst them
until the Year 1804, at which time a deputation from
the committee, after a full conference with the Chiefs
of the Miamy

confederacy, at their request, commenced