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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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an establishment on the Wabash river, where a number
of Indian families from the neighbouring villages removed,
for the purpose of being instructed in agriculture a
considerable quantity of ground was cleared and put
into cultivation, and most kinds of domestic animals
such as Horses, Cattle, Hogs introduced

After several Years attention at this settlement,
finding that their labours became greatly interrupted
and their views misrepresented by an evil disposed
person who at that time resided with the Indians, and had
acquired an extensive influence amongst them, the com
mittee believed it right after addressing the Natives
on the occasion & explaining fully to them the situation
in which they found themselves to withdraw for a time
from that place. Many of the Indians seemed grateful for
the assistance they had received, and although the establish
ment did not succeed to the extent which the committee
had anticipated, yet it is believed that some essential
advantages have resulted to the Indians there- They have
been brought by experience to feel the benefits of an
agricultural life; & by the introduction of Cattle & Hogs
amongst them, to the rearing of which their country is
peculiarly well adapted, their resources to obtain food
have been increased; Many families have also been
provided with comfortable Houses which has stimulated others
to endeavour to obtain them also and their minds have
been generally excited to look to the cultivation of the
earth for their support, and the committee apprehend
that the time is perhaps not very distant when it may
become right to resume their labours at that place

Applications having been frequently made
to the committee by the Shawanese

nation of Indians
for assistance it was concluded upon withdrawing from
the establishment at the Wabash, to turn their attention
towards them, a grist and saw mill have accordingly
been erected in their country and implements of husbandry