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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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At a meeting of the committee on Indian concerns
1 mo 1812

present members

The following letter was rcd. from A committee
of the Meeting for Sufferings at

Philad. 12 mo 24 1811
Beloved Friends

The Meeting for sufferings in London

having lately sent an Epistle to our meeting they therein
request that we will transmit to them such infor
mation of the progress and effect of civilization amongst
the Indian natives as may come under our cognizance
or may arise out of the reports of the several com
mittees engaged in that work: And they further say
that it will be additionally acceptable if the infor
mation include the proceedings of Friends in New York
and Maryland- As they have several times made a
request nearly similar to this, our meeting for suffering
sensible that Friends in England interested in the success
of a cause so congenial with the spirit of christianity
have as brethren a reasonable expectation that we would
freely open to them the state of this business from time to
time, as far as may be material for their knowledge and
satisfaction, have appointed a committee to give attention
to the subject as a part of which we were desired to
write to some friend in Baltimore informing of the
situation in which we are placed, and if Friends
of the Indian committee in Baltimore saw no
material objection, it would be acceptable to receive