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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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We hope you will not suffer any more
of this poison to be brought to your town you have
seen the effect of it & must know its consequences;
Spirituous Liquors not only corrupt the minds of those
who drink it, but it also occasions great poverty &
distress in the families of those men who get drunk
because it destroys their reason and disqualifies them
for work, it has this effect upon the white people
who drink it and it will have the same effect
upon you.

We request our brother will accept
the assurances of our sincere and affectionate
regard: We rejoice that he and us have been per
mitted to have an opportunity of again taking one
another by the hand and of renewing those friendly
sentiments, which we before entertained towards
each other and our desire to the Great Spirit is,
that he will preserve our brother & his family
through the long journey they have before them and
return them safe to their homes.

The Secretary was directed to write to Jon.

and request him to procure & forward
to Dayton the implements of husbandry
now promised to Capt Lewis, and draw on
our Treasurer for the amount of Expence
Then adjourned