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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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The committee after taking into consideration
the communication from Captain Lewis

cluded to return him the following answer
To Captain Lewis

The opportunity we have had of taking
each other by the hand and talking together has
been satisfactory to us, and it is particularly pleasing
to learn that our Red brethren at the Mingo Town

have had their eyes opened and are now able to see
what is their true interest

We have listened to the application which
is now made to us for some implements of husbandry
to enable you to carry into effect the determination
you have adopted to turn your attention hereafter
to the cultivation of your lands, and we have concluded
to direct our Brother Jonathan Wright

who lives near
Miami, to furnish you with 2 ploughs, Gear for 4
Horses, 1 xcut saw, 1 pack plane, 1 fore plane, 1 pair
of plough & groove planes, 1 Grubbing hoe 1 Hackle
1 Spinning wheel, 3 augers, 6 Gimblets 1 brod axe
1 drawing knife, 6 iron wedges 1 stock sack & 1

The information that has reached us
of our brethren at the Mingo Town

having totally
abandoned the use of spirituous liquors has been
very pleasing to us, and it is this information that
has determined us to extend the assistance we now
give them