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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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, John Ellicott Benjamin Ellicott
Isaac Tyson, Jonathan Wright, Henry Mills
Samuel Jones & Samuel Test
Then adjourned

At a meeting of the committee on Indian
concerns 12 mo 12 1810

present 13 members

It appearing that the friends who
stand appointed to visit the Indians at

have not yet proceeded on
the service, the subject of the contemplated
visit being again brought into view and
weightily considered, it was unitedly con
cluded that the visit be proceeded in
as early in the 2nd month next as practicable
and the sub committee were directed to
write to that portion of our number
who reside west of the mountains and
inform them of the time that the contemp
lated visit is proposed to be made, and
request them to engage a suitable person
to compleat the mill, who will be in readi
ness to engage in the work against the time
the committee is expected to get out
Then adjourned