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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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directed to be signed by the Clerk

This printed report is tipped-in.

To the Yearly Meeting, now sitting.
The committee on Indian concerns have agreed to inform, that after
their last report they received information, that from a change of cir-
cumstances which had taken place among the Indians at the Wabash

it was not likely that any further endeavours for their assistance could
be continued to advantage- and therefore, after solidly considering the
subject, we were united in believing that it would be best, at least for
a time, to discontinue our efforts in their favour, under the hope, how-
ever, that the causes which have led to this suspension, may only be
temporary, having, as we have understood, been produced by the de-
lusive counsels of an Indian among them stiled a prophet, and whose
influence, we hope, may prove to be of a transient nature.

The committee also inform, that having received information that a
number of Shawanees

, at Wapakonetta, on the Auglaize, had mani-
fested a disposition to turn their attention to agriculture, and appeared
desirous that the assistance of Friends might be extended to them ; and,
as our efforts on the Wabash were at present suspended after atten-
tively considering the subject, it was judged expedient to nominate
some of our number to make them a visit, and though way has not yet
opened for that to be accomplished, the committee feel free to observe,
that little or no loss has been sustained ; as the minds of the Indians
in that quarter have been too much agitated during the past summer,
(the delusive influence of the person beforementioned having been also
attempted at this settlement) to afford a prospect, that any instruction
or assistance could have been introduced to advantage among them.
And it may be proper here to mention, that government was informed
of our prospect of affording assistance to these Indians, and expressed
entire approbation.

The committee also appointed a part of their number to make a visit
to some Delawares

, near Mohickon John, a water of the Muskingum
in the state of Ohio, with authority to give them some assistance, and
having since learned by their Report, that a visit has been paid to them
accordingly, to much satisfaction, we have continued the deputation
to give them such further advice and assistance, as their wants may
appear to require in the cultivation of their lands.

Notwithstanding the difficulties and discouragements the committee
have had to encounter, they yet feel a lively hope, that by keeping
patiently under the weight of this concern, their labours may finally be

We have examined the Treasurer's accounts and find in his hands a
balance of $1469 59 cents, exclusive of the principal of the Donation
received from our Brethren of Great Britain


Signed on behalf of the Committee.
Philip E. Thomas, Clk.
Baltimore, 10th Month 16th, 1810.

Then adjourned

At a meeting of the committee on
Indian concerns 10 mo 19 1810

Present 18 Members

The expediency of a visit to the Indians
at Wapakanetta

being taken into consideration
a renewed interest was felt in the prosecution
of the concern, and the following friends were
appointed to pursue the views of the committee
as stated in the minute made upon the subject
in the siting of the 2nd month last, to wit Philip