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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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opened to perform this service- The subject
was refered to the further consideration of the

A report was received from the
friends who were appointed to make a
visit to the Indians settld near Mohicken
Johns Lake

which was satisfactory, and
the same friends Continued to extend
such further attention and assistance to
these Indians as they may judge expedient
and draw on our Treasurer for the
amount of Expence incured and report
from time to time to the committee

Gerard T. Hopkins

, George Ellicott, Asa
, Andrew Ellicott & James Gillingham
were appointed to prepare a report to the
yearly Meeting examine the Treasurer a/c
and report to a future meeting of the

Then adjourned to the 7th Hour
tomorrow evening

at which time the
committee again met

The friends appointed to prepare
a report to the Yearly Meeting produced
the following which was approovd &