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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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at Wapakanetta

, and in order that our views
and prospects may be fully communicated to these
Indians, the following Friends were appointed to
make them a visit, and hold such conference
with them as may appear necessary- They were
also left at liberty to engage such assistance
as they may apprehend expedient to afford to
them, and also have the Mills compleated
as early as convenient to wit Elisha Tyson,
Thomas Moore, John Ellicott, Asa Moore, Edward
, James Ellicott & Jessee Hughes
Then adjourned

At a meeting of the committee on Indian
concerns 5th mo 7 1810 present 17 members

The friends appointed at last meeting to
visit, and if way opened, extend assistance to the
settlement of Indians at Wapakanetta

, informed
that this service had not yet been performed
They were therefore continued and Henry Mills
added to that committee
Then adjourned

At a Meeting of the Committee on Indian
concerns 10 mo 15 1810

present 21 members and our
friend George Dilwin

& John Brown from the
Yearly Meeting of Phila.

The friends appointed to visit the Indians
at Wapakennetta

reported that way had not