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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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to these Indians from friends continuing their aid
to them. And at the same time remarking that the
settlement of the Shawanese

at Wapakanetta were
very anxious to recieve assistance from Friends, and
had very generally manifested a disposition to
turn their attention to agriculture and had already
made some progress in the cultivation of their
Lands, these letters likewise inform that a Grist
and Saw Mill had begun at this settlement
and may with a moderate Expence be compleated

The sub-committee reported that on rect.
of these Letters, they likely had informed that Secretary of
War that we might probably be induced to direct
our efforts at least for a time to the assistance
of these Indians provided the Government should
approve of it, and they now produced his reply
in which he expresses his intire approbation of
our removing there, and at the same time relin
quishes to the direction of the Society the whole
of the public property and materials which
had been collected there for the use and benefit
of the Indians.

After solid consideration the committee
were united in judgment that it will be proper
to withdraw for a time from the wabash

direct our exertions to the assistance of the settlement