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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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At a meeting of the committee on Indian
concerns 3 mo 12 1809

present 10 members

The committtee appointed to invest the money
recd. from our Brethren of Great Britain

aid of our exertions towards promoting the
civilization of the Indians produced the following

We the committee appointed to Invest the
Second apportionment of the Money allotted
to us of Friends of Phila.

out of the Fund
raised by our Brethrn in England for the
relief of the Indians Report

That we have purchasted 44 Shares of
Union Bank of Maryland

Stock which cost $4781
and that the committee now holds 118 Shares
fully paid up Transfered in Trust for the use of
the committee on Indian concerns to Philip E
Isaac Tyson & Andrew Ellicott Jr.

Balto. 4 mo 12 1809 Elias Ellicott Elisha Tyson Philip E Thomas

which was satisfactory & the committee

The sub committee informed that they had
as directed written to those of our members
who reside West of the mountains & to John Johnson