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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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now siting to be produced at a future meeting
of the committee

Then adjourned until tomorrow evening

at the 7th Hour,

when the committee again met
present 23 Members and our friend John James
from Philadelphia

The friends appointed to prepare a report
to the Yearly Meeting now siting produced
the following which was read and approved to wit

To the Yearly Meeting now siting
The committee on Indian concerns report
That the young men who had been sent out
to assist & instruct the Indians returned about the first
of the present year and informed that they
had gone out early in the spring and remained
at our Station on the Wabash, until about
the middle of the 11th month last during which
time they had raised a crop of good corns of
between 5 & 600 Bushels in the Ear which was
carefully secured before they came away- They
had also raised a variety of Vegetables which
were given to the Indians. The corn also
has since been distributed among such of
the Indian families as appeared most in need
of it- our young men further informed that
they had aided the Indians in building several
Houses after the crop was in a situation to admit
of their attention being withdrawn from it, and