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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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any liquors to our town it should be imme
diately spilled on the ground and the
person should loose it-

As my friends will probably wish to
know what assistance we may most stand
in need of. I will observe that I expect
about 10 barrels of pork 12 Barrels of flour
& two bushels of salt will be nessisary to
subsist the Indians until their crop will
come on this if it is furnished to me it
shall only be distributed to those who
will quit hunting and closely apply
Themselves to work- I should like to have
about eight breeding sows & two Boars. Some
grass seeds some oats & wheat seeds, Some
potatoes some flax seed and the means
of procuring some cloathing for my 5 young
men the whole of these things can be got
from Hamilton

about 50 or 60 miles from
our village at vastly less expence than at
Fort Wayne-

Hendricks Aupaumut
Chief of the
Muhhiconnick Nation
Baltimore 11th Jan 1808

The sub committee further informed that
after communication on the request of Hendrick Au

for some assistance towards enabling him
to prosecute his views in regard to the Indians on
the White River they had concluded it would be best to
make known his situation to the Government
who had thereupon so far patronised his undertaking
as to direct the Indian agent at Fort Wayne