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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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and hoe on a farm. they left home with me
well cloathed but before I came away they
were nearly naked but in order to encourage
& make them as comfortable as I could while
I am absent from them I had on 50 dols
worth of cloath from Johnston for them to
& should be remembered that we raised
nothing but corn last summer in that country
and we wish to be diligent at our work
yet we cannot work hard without substantial
food now if the men should be obliged to
Hunt for food or Cloath they must of neces
sity neglect the farming business, and if I
cannot obtain some supplies of provision
before the crops come on they will suffer &
indeed if they could not hear some encourage
ment I fear my young men will abandon
this object & return to their own homes-
I therefore earnestly hope my friends will
take this into their serious consideration
And I do firmly believe that by the blessing
of the great good Spirit we may do much
good for these poor Indians- my hopes &
expectations for their future advancements
are greatly strengthened from various cir
cumstances among other things. The delawares
and the other Indians at the white river
in a general council held by the Chiefs &
head warriors, with the young men at that
place last August they passed a law by
general consent that if any person should bring