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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Whereas certain of my friends at this place who
have the good of the Indians at heart, have
requested me to state the causes which induced
me & my companions to visit our western alies
I therefore feel it to be my duty to state as

1st I and the principal men of my nation
do firmly believe that it was the will of the
good & great spirit to unite our ancestors
with the the ancestors of the Delawares

- Monsey
Esopus & Waupug Nations, and enabled them
to enter into a covenant of friendship, which
connected them in one confederacy, which
friendship their ancestors & ours have never vio

Our ancestors were enabled to establish a
permanent praise with the different tribes
of Indians (to wit) the Miamies

- Potawatimies
Chipeways- Ottawas- Sux- Musquakies or foxes
Kickapoos- Kaskaskies & Piankeshas who bear
tradition to us as their Grandfathers & we call
them grandchildren which peace has been
maintained ever since as also with the Wyandots
Shawanese- and the southern tribes 3d I and rest
of the chiefs of my nation together with our
young men are desirous to maintain peace and
unity among these nations- And the articles of
the treaty of peace with the U.S- We found many
of these Indians in a deplorable situation these
many years past- And we are sensible our good
wishes can never do them any good without our