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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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and the proceeds remited to them; They had accord
ingly appointed him as their attorney to accom
plish this object & he had made a visit to the
seat of Government in this State in order to
possess himself of the necessary information
respecting their Title and its Value but for
want of the necessary inteligence he had
found himself unable to proceed

The committee taking into consideration
the circumstances of his care, concluded to
appoint Andrew Ellicott jr

to go with him
to Annopolis if necessary & render him such assistance
as he may find practicable & report his
care to a future Meeting of the committee
Then ajourned

At a Meeting of the committee on
Indian concerns 2 mo 6 1809

Present 16 members

The friend appointed to assist Hendrick

reported that he had paid atten
tion to the subject and rendered him the
necessary aid

The sub committee informed that they
had had a full conference with Hendrick

and recd. from him the following
statement of the views of himself & the nation
of which he is chief