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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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ourselves in a situation to accomplish it

Brothers! we will therefore endeavour to divide
our aid between the Wabash & the Turtles Town -
our brother must not expect the mill to be built
immediately, we must first direct an exami
nation to be made of the situation at his Village
before we can determine what kind of a one
can best be put up for him- Perhaps there may
not be a place for a water mill; this we will
enquire into

Brother! After we shall have made the necessary
examination, we will then determine on the
kind of mill most proper, and inform our Brother

We request our brother will accept the assurances
of our sincere & affectionate regard: we rejoice that
he and us have been permited to have an oppor
tunity of again taking one another by the hand,
and renewing those friendly sentiments, which
we before entertained towards each other, and
our desire to the Great Spirit is, that he will
preserve our brother, through the long journey he
has before him, and return him safe to the bosom
of his family &people.
The Turtle replyed as follows

My Brothers! The communication you have just
made to me is highly pleasing, and I return you
my sincere thanks

Brothers! You observe that your brothers on the
Wabash are unwilling to part with you- this
I know to be true, and I rejoice that you still retain
your friendship for them, notwithstanding attempts have
been made to prejudice you against them, and the