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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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such a piece of land not exceeding 1000 acres
and the terms upon which it may be purchased
and if it be procured obtain such information
of the divisions of the reservation, as may enable
the committee to locate a farm suitable to
our views which we submit to the committee

Signed Elisha Tyson James Gillingham Geo. Ellicott John Ellicott Philip E Thomas

The situation of that portion of the Delaware

Tribe of Indians residing on reservations near
Mohicken Johns lake, being again brought into view
the subject, after deliberation was refered to our
sub committee, who were directed to correspond with
the committee on Indian concerns of Philada, &
furnish them with all the information,
which has reached us respecting the situation
of these Indians, in order to interest our brethren
there, to extend some assistence to them, as we
apprehend they are more properly objects of their

Elisha Tyson

Elias Ellicott Gerard T. Hopkins
George Ellicott & Philip E Thomas were appointed
to invest the additional money alloted to us by the Meeting for
Sufferings of Phila. as our proportion of the fund
raised by our brethren of Great Britain for the
benevolent purpose of promoting the improvement
of the Indian nations & report of their care to the next