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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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on the subject, were unitedly of the opinion
that it will be right to gratify him, as soon as
we become in a situation to accomplish it-
James Gillingham

, James Ellicott & Philip E
were therefore appointed to prepare a
suitable reply to him & produce it to the
next Meeting of the committee

Then adjourned until tomorrow evening at
the 6th Hour when the committee again met
present 9 members

The friends appointed to prepare a reply to
the Turtles

application for a mill produced the
following which was approved & delivered to him
to wit

To our brother the Little Turtle

Since the first time we took each other by the
hand several years ago, we have always felt a
strong solicitude for the welfare of our red brethren
and an ardent desire to render them every assistance
in our power.

Brother! It is this disposition towards them, which
has led us into their country, and we have every
year since that time kept some persons employed to
instruct them in those things which we apprehended
would promote their comfort & improvement

Brother! we have already informed them, that
our means are not great, and that we have never
found ourselves in a situation to extend our opera
tions to more than one Village at a time

Brother! It was by the agreement of our red
brethren that we commenced our operations on
the Wabash- and they have been informed that