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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Then adjourned until tomorrow at the 2nd hour
in the afternoon when the committee again met
present 13 members
The friends appointed at the last meeting of
the committee, to consider of the propriety of our
obtaining a permanent settlement in the Indian
country, for the purpose of carrying on our future
operations, towards promoting their civilization
& improvement, produced the following report, which
was united with, & the following friends appointed
to pay such further attention to the subject as may
necessary to wit, Evan Thomas

Elisha Tyson
& George Ellicott who were directed to report to
a future meeting of the committee, viz.

In conformity to our appointment, we have
taken into consideration the prospect of the com
mittee, to become possessed of a tract of Land
contiguous to the Indians, in order to form a
permanent settlement from whence, our aid can
be more conveniently and advantageously directed
to them; after the best view we have been capable
of taking of the subject, we are united in sen
timent, that the time has come, in which such
a measure is expedient.

we propose that the committee endeavour
to obtain a tract of Land suitable for a Farm
near Fort Wayne

, and in order that full information
may be obtained, we propose that a deputation
from the committee wait upon the proper public
officer, ascertain the practicability of procuring