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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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to the speech delivered to them until after it was
laid before their general council and deliberated
on there when a full reply would be made
- neither of these have yet been recd. by us

Whilst these friends were in that country
they were at times much discouraged on acct.
of the sorrowful effects of spirituous liquors
amongst the Indians for notwithstanding the
law of congress which was obtained some years
past in order to prevent this destructive article
being introduced into their country by the
Traders yet it is to be lamented that of
latter time they have obtained it by going
themselves into the state of Ohio

and purchas
ing it there greatly to their injury & to the
obstruction of the object of our concern

Since the return of our deputation
we have recd. letters from the young men
there informing that their crop of corn
&Vegetables look well as also those of the
Indians, they likewise inform that they have
assisted the principal chief of the village in
building a more comfortable House than he
had heretofore lived in, being nearly 2 stories
high with floors &Partition, and had moreover
aided another Indian in one which he
was building for himself. And several
of the other Indians having expressed a wish