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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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to remove a small distance out of the
Village in order to have separate fields and
better opportunity of raising stock they con
templated assisting them in building houses
for that purpose as soon as the crop
would be in a situation to admit of it
-our young men also inform that 2 of
the Indians had been induced to cultivate
their lands by the plough & that they believed
the late Visit made to them by friends
had been useful to them. Their prin
cipal chief observed that he loved friends
in his heart for the love they manifested
to the Indians

We have examined the Treasurer
acct. and find an unexpended balance
in his hands of $265 36/100 exclusive of
the donation recd. from our brethren of
Great Britain

Signed on behalf of the
Philip E Thomas Ck

P.S. we are free to inform the Yearly
Meeting that we apprehend an advantage
would arise from an addition to our members
which we submit to the Meeting

Then adjourned to meet on the evening
of the 13th Inst. at the 7th hour in the evening

10mo 13 1808

Pursuant to adjournment the committee a
gain met present 27 members and our friends
James Wilson & Jessee Kersey from the Yearly
Meeting of Philadelphia

It appears by a minute of the yearly
meeting now produced that the following friends
have been added to this committee to wit William
, Samuel Test, Samuel Jones of West branch
John Howard, James Ellicott, Jesse Tyson and
William Kenworthy jr.

Information being spread before the
committee that there are two settlements of the
Delaware nation of Indians on reservation
near Mohicken Johns lake whose situation claims
the sympathy of Friends, after deliberation
thereon it was concluded to appoint a com
mittee to make further enquiry into their
disposition &situation and report when in readiness
the following friends were accordingly appointed
to wit Horton Howard William Wood, John
&Philip E. Thomas
Then adjourned sine die.

Balto. 11 mo 7th 1808

At a meeting of the committee on Indian con
cerns present 17 members

A letter was received from William Wells
dated 9 mo 30 last enclosing minutes of the proceedings
of the General Council of the Miami confederacy of