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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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would be very seasonable relief to divers of the
families in the Village who were much in
need of it at that time, having lost many of
their Hogs during the winter for want of food

After solid deliberation on the important
concern confided to us it was the opinion of the
committee that a benefit would result from a
deputation being sent into that country in
order to ascertain the present disposition of the
Indians & the progress they have made in the
knowledge of agriculture & our friends Elisha

James Gillingham & David Grave were
accordingly nominated to that service & proceded
to make the proposed visit early in the last
spring; They arrived at Fort Wayne in the 5th
month, from which place they proceeded to
Dennis Station & were received in a friendly
manner by the Indians, divers of whom had
made considerable progress in the cultivation
of their lands, aided by white men paid out
of their annuities & some of them by their
own labour- The young men in the employ
of Friends at that place were engaged in
preparing for a crop of corn, and appeared to
be acting prudently, the Indians as well as whites
in the neighbourhood expressed satisfaction