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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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with their conduct since their residence
amongst them-

These friends whilst at the station
had a conference with the Indians of the
Village and delivered a communication
addressed to them by the committee- The
white Loon a principal chief of the place
on behalf of himself & the others acknowledged
the propriety of what was said, but declined giving
a full reply until after the general council which
was soon after to be held at Fort Wayne, when a
particular reply he said would be made. They
likewise afterwards had a conference with a
deputation from the Miamy & Puttowattomy nations
at Fort Wayne at which time an address from
the committee to those nations was delivered to
them, as also a written communication from
the friends themselves

In reply the 5 Medals said that he
felt thankful to the great spirit for having
permited them to meet at that time and
expressed his satisfaction with what was said
but observed that as only a few of the princi
pal chiefs were present they could not reply