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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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George Ellicott

, Even Thomas, James Gillingham, Asa
, Gerard T Hopkins & P E Thomas & David Grave
were appointed to prepare a report to the yearly
Meeting & produce it to the next meeting of the
committee, they were also desired to examine
the Treasurer acct & report the state of our funds

Then adjourned to meet on the evening of the 12th
Inst. at the 7th hour- at which time the committee again
met present 18 Members

The proposal of addressing the Legislature
of Ohio

on the subject of the introduction
of Spirituous liquors amongst the Indians from
that state being again weightily considered, it
was concluded best to decline the prospect at
this time

The friends appointed produced the
following report to the Yearly Meeting which
was approved, to wit.

We the committee on Indian concerns
Report that since the last yearly meeting we
have continued our exertions to promote the
concern of friends for effecting the civilization
of the Indian natives & the introduction of the
arts of husbandry amongst them & altho no great
progress appears since our last report yet we
hope there is ground of encouragment to
persevere in the benevolent work

Some time after our last yearly meeting
the young men who had been engaged by friends
to assist the Indians at our settlement on the
Wabash returned and informed us that they had