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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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raised a good crop of corn which they
had previous to their leaving that place
secured in a crib- on their departure
from the station they were accompanyed
by several of the principal Indians of
the Village as far as Fort Wayne, at
which place on taking leave of them
these Indians expressed their gratitude
to friends for the kind assistance they
had furnished them and desired our young
men to inform us that they earnestly hoped
we would still continue our friendly aid
towards them

From the information received it was
the united judgment of the committee that the
situation of the settlement required the further
attention of friends

The same persons who were employed the
past season were accordingly engaged & having
set out early in the spring, reached the settlement
about the middle of the 4th month last. By
accounts received from them it appears that
the Indians were much pleased at their return
& they found the settlement in as good a situ
ation as could be expected, the corn which
had been the last fall secured in cribs