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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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brethren in Great Britain

reported that they
have not yet had an opportunity of investing
the whole amount received but expected in a
short time to be able to accomplish if they
were continued

The subject of a visit being made to the
Indians under our care the ensuing spring
being again brought into view &solidly considered
it was the united judgment of the committee
that such a visit will be necessary, but
several of the friends nominated to that service
in the 10th month last being absent & not
having given information if they expected
to give up to perform it, their appointment
was refered to the consideration of next meeting

A letter was received from David

requesting to be excused from the ap
pointment of visiting the Indians & assigning
reasons for his not being able to go out he
was therefore released

The following friends were appointed to
prepare an address to be presented to the Indians
at their next general Council, and also one
particularly directed to those more immediately
under our care, they were likewise directed to
forward such instructions to John Shaw

circumstances may render necessary to wt George
, Andrew Ellicott, Elisha Tyson, James
Evan Thomas & Philip E. Thomas

Then adjourned to meet on 7th day the