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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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19th of the 3rd month 1808 at the 6th hour in the

Balto. 3 mo 19 1808

At meeting of the committee on Indian concerns
present 14 members

The friends appointed to invest the funds
emited to us on account of the money raised by
our brethren of great Britain

reported that they
had invested the amount recd. in Union Bank of
Stock which was conveyed in trust
to Philip E. Thomas, Isaac Tyson &Andrew
is to be held by them subject to
the future orders of the committee

Information was recd. from our friends Edward

& Asa Moore who were proposed in the 10th
Mo last to visit our Station on the Wabash
that they had not at the present time much
expectation of performing the service, and if
remaining after solid consideration to be the
united judgment of the committee that such
a visit will be necessary James Gillingham
was added to the friends who already stand
nominated to the service: and they requested to
proceed as soon as they can with convenience
they were also desired to pass by the residence of
Horton Howard & Jonathan Wright and request
their company in the visit